iPhone App keeps keep crashing when I enter PIN

Did you get any response on this issue?

Hello everybody!
I have the same problem since yesterday - the revolut app crashes right after the login on iphone - maybe 3-4 secs after the login, but in this 3-4 secs any of the buttons works.

Does somebody has info if it’s a major bug and is there any info how long this will take till the problem is fixed.
As I have my account since a week I wanted to ask if this happens frequently or I had bad luck to start with revolut exactly now?


Mine is doing the same

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Agree, seems that this problem can only be reported via the App and if you can’t access the App it’s pretty frustrating…
Revolut Customer Services - please look at this issue urgently …

Hi, did you manage to get a fix for this issue yet? Thanks

No, I haven’t yet. I made a formal complaint to Revolut by email today and have had an acknowledgement but no resolution of the problem yet.

Revolut has given up on the iPhone 6 or below because you cannot update to iOS13
Either buy a new phone or give up
Do not jailbreak your phone and update to 13 that’s how your account gets locked

I have had a response to my complaint to Revolut.

Hey there
I’m sorry to hear that you are having issues with the app. Our tech team confirmed that there’s an issue on iOS12 that causes the app to crash or freeze. This should be fixed in the version 7.37.1, so please check for app updates in the AppStore.
Kind regards,
Customer Support Agent

The version in the AppStore currently is 7.37, hopefully 7.37.1 will fix the issue and will be available soon.


Thank you for sharing I did have the same message as well. So let’s hope it is updated soon.

Same issue here… I open the app, use touch id or PIN, stays at home screen for a couple of seconds (touch screen doesn’t work) then crashes and throws me back to my iPhone home page… Hope the update comes soon…

unfortunatly… I just updated with 7.37.1 and it still crash after some seconds!
what else? it has been already some days, it’s terrible!


I am in a similar position. I have reported the problem again. If it doesn’t get fixed soon, I will either have to stop using Revolut or get a newer phone.


Same problem here - no change at all.

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Just tried :
uninstalled the app
rebooted the iphone ( ios 12.5.1)
installed revolut app ver 7.37.1
open app, crash
open app. crash
doesn’t matter how many times you try


Where did you report to bill ?

You can report by logging in on the website and authenticate via sms. They replied that they are working on it…


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#Revolut app crashing can’t do anything…

I got iPhone 5s
Every time I login the app just crashes … I have tried everything…

Sane issue with me. I have been in contact with them and they are trying to fix it. They asked me to send through a copy of the recent “Analytics” for the crash for either “Revolut” of “JetsamEvent”