iOS Widget

Would be nice to have iOS Widget with the amount left on the bank account and maybe other data like last payments or daily spending.


I agree, this would be nice.



what does twentytwentytwenty mean???

Try to post a response just saying “+1”, then you know :wink:

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Wouldn’t it be a little insecure to get to know your account balance right on the homescreen without securly logging in to the app?

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iOS allows to restrict details shown on the “home screen” when the phone is locked.


I’m posting on this thread because there is no way to make a new thread.

My question is : how do I make a new thread?

There’s no button, nothing, the forum is just a list of threads.


@winterflaw2 Haha… That should be easy. Sign in to your community account and on the community homepage there is an option “Open Draft” on the top right corner. That is it!

That option you mention is not present. Is the forum known not to work in Firefox?

I have to vent a bit.

Revolut made Android 5 the minimum OS - which is fair enough, times move on, although in my case where the phone cannot have the OS upgraded this means a new phone.

However, the and the only way to contact Revolut is via the app - it used to be you could contact them directly via email, but that went some time ago. You also cannot phone and as I am finding the community also is not working, at least for me - presumably then also not for others, since it’s unlikely to be just me.

I could run Android in a VM on my computer and run Revolut there, except Revolut also stopped providing an x86 binary some time ago.

So I can’t call, can’t email, can’t use the app, can’t run the app and the community is very nearly not working (I can make replies to other peoples posts).

As an aside the forum must have used to have worked because I had an account here about a year ago. I made I think one or two posts and the account was put on temporary hold for no given reason, and has never been unlocked since, nor have I been contacted.

Revolut have more or less stopped working, for me. Fortunately there is now a bit of choice in the market, Transerwise exist, and I will given them a go.

I was originally profoundly supportive of Revolut. Their product and idea were amazing. I bought the premium plan. Now they’ve become big, they’ve done what all companies do, and isolate themselves from their customers and completely and utterly mess up customer service.

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It will be great!! +1