iOS 14 Widget

It will be great if there is a home screen widget with info of the current account/s ammount.


I took Revolut almost a year to support dark mode. I think we will wait a while before they add proper iOS 14 widget support. Plus, we never got widget support in the first place, so I think it’s highly unlikely they’d add it now. I hope I’m wrong though.


A lot of banks had balance widgets for a long time (N26, Monese, etc…)

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This is definitely a cool idea :thinking:
We definitely look into all the ideas that are posted our way and make sure to work on the ones which are possible and benefit you, the user the most. We will be sure to pass this idea on to the relevant team and see what can be done with it :ok_hand: Should there be such a feature coming your way :green_apple: We will be sure to announce it publicly.


Since iOS 14 allows multiple kind of widgets per app, there could be: Balance widget, stock portfolio widget, limits widget, atm widget…