iOS 10 support – when is it coming?



I was just wondering if we are getting iOS 10 support any time soon? We could e.g. ask Siri to send someone money, get rich notifications (tapping them could open up detailed info view about a transaction), check special Revolut widget with info about our account balance and transactions etc. I think this would be pretty convenient.



We cannot provide a specific time frame at the moment but we’re excited to start thinking about how we can integrate with Siri and iMessenger!


Does this mean anyone that upgraded to iOS 10 today when the update came out and depends on Revolut is now totally screwed?


I upgraded to iOS 10 yesterday and the app seems to work fine. I think they are just refer to the new features like Siri integration and iMessage apps.


my gf been running all iOS10 betas, and no issues.
should be more than safe to upgrade and still use revolut.

implementation of new features, that could take a long while