Inviting friends


what are the benefits of inviting someone through my invitation link?
I hope there are some.

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I am afraid there is none except you can have free transactions between you.

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Yeah, I’m also afraid. But it would be nice to have some other benefit for me and the invited one.

of course it would be great but if you consider that they didn’t have it at the beginning will not have it now in order to allure new users.They are already known.

They had a referral program for a while but it got suspended. The referral link in the app is a “left over” from these days. They might do something in the future, but I am not aware of any current plans.


May I suggest getting 1 premium month free for each friend and 6 month once they pay for premium?

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Is there is a referal now ? i’ve read on a forum that you get 5-6$ for referal; is it true ?

i have refered a friend yesterday and received nothing

As I know, there is no money back bonus for inviting new customers.