Invited three people but no cryptocurrency



I have invited three people to Revolut but I still cannot access Cryptocurrency.
Can anyone help please?


Hi there.

Sure, could you please drop me a direct message?


No worries, how do I DM you?


I’ll do that for you.


I’m facing the same problem. Did you get it resolved?



No I am still waiting for a direct message from the moderator


My crypto invite doesn’t seem to work I know at least 2 have signed up and only one showing


Your crypto feature is unlocked.


hy. i have the same problem.confirmed at least 3 invites but still locked.please help :slight_smile:


Hey Zmeusrl

They are currently rolling it out over the next few weeks. All you have to do is click the “Cryptocurrency” icon and you are in the queue :slight_smile:


Hiya :slight_smile: You can now activate crypto currency in the “more” tab in the app.