Invited new customer stuck on verification; I'm having regrets already..

While Revolute asking me over and over again to invite others to use them, I invited a friend to use Revolute, and she accepted the invite.

She made an account, topped it up by her credit card, sent in a copy of her passport, but now got stuck on the verification process.

In the app it says (already for some days now) that her account is currently being verified, and she will be contacted ASAP.

Typically, how much time, days, or weeks, should ASAP take? Initially, the message is that it’s all done quickly and the account could be used in minutes.

I feel a bit bad now because I advised her to use Revolut, and now Revolut doesn’t keep their promises.


Lets blame covid, its get blamed for everything these days.

I do have the same issue for a week…

Hola, eso pasa porque tiene que verificar primero su correo electrónico, después que lo haga, los de revolut comenzarán a hacer el proceso de verificación que tarda 1 día más o menos.

Thanks for your email.

The email has already been verified, she got welcome emails from Revolut as well. But the verification process - which in the welcome email is said to be minutes - is after five days still not finished and thus the account - including the topped up money - can’t be used…

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Been like this since 13 March 2020 can’t even lock the notifications that I keep getting 100+ per hour from Revolut.

I also register recently and waiting verification… almost a week and counting… hope will get verified soon… @AndreasK, please help to look up on it… thanks

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She just got a message that verification had failed, and she had to send in a selfie and copy of her pasport again. Then within 24 hours Revolut will get back.

I keep y’all posted…

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What are the steps you have done?
Having the same problem.

I am stuck on verification. I blame my phone. What is the best phone KYC apps?

I’ve been sending them my I.d since last Tuesday I’m on dole and have nothing and £10 on this stupid card I cannot use i feel like I’ve been robbed carrier pidgion would be better way of sending and receiving funds than this shit

I’m new to this also a friend invited me . I have received my card and the verification is taking ages. Keeps saying there is a glare on my photo even my I’d. As it’s now plastic there is nothing I can do, even daylight has an effect. Does anybody have another idea how to verify my account

Verification failed again, need to send copies for the third time now…

Unfortunately there’s no information on why the verification failed (2 times now). We’re sending in the same document and a new selfie again, because that’s what’s been asked for. But that has been asked for the other two times when it failed as well…

Keep you posted, there will be news within 24 hours according to Revolut…


And again, now for the third time, the verification is rejected.

Again, tonight we sent in a screen shot from the passport plus a good looking selfie - for the fourth time that is. What else can we do? This is exactly what’s been asked for. And yet, the verification time and time again is rejected. With no clue or information why it is rejected and what we can do to make it accepted…

Waiting for the next verification results, but I can already guess the outcome. What a shitty situation. Is this a way to communicate with your customers, is this a bank you should trust your money to…?

Yes! After 4 times sending the same passport and selfie the account was finally verified.

Difficult to learn anything from, as I don’t know why the last time it was accepted and the first 3 times it wasn’t…

Silly explanation here: perhaps they really wanted to be sure that you want account :crazy_face:

Happy that you got it working !

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@AndreasK Hello, I cannot login to the app or access any help because the only way of getting help is by logging into the app. But if I cannot login to the app how can I even get help? I have tried to deleted and redownload the app yet I am greeted with the same “sorry, there’s something wrong, try again”. Can I please have help in regards to this please.

Hi, just to update mine has approved few days ago… thank you

Mine seems to be stuck on the waiting list even though I sent him my personal invite code for a card. Weird.