Invite friends for winning FIFA tickets

Hi I received email that I can invite my friends for free card, but how to do this , because my friend said seems not free

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Are you sure your friend signed up via your referral link?

The listed fee is actually not the card but the shipping and I am not sure what Revolut referred to by “free”. Is it only the card and shipping is charged or is shipping free too. It is a bit ambiguous.

It must be a problem. I am experiencing exactly the same.

Hi there.

The card is free only if your friend has been signed up via the referral link. However, if there’s an issue please let DM so I can help you. I’ve already helped @redi :slight_smile:

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Hello AndreasK.

I have the same problem. I opened RevolutApp using my friend’s invite yesterday in this campaign, topped up my account, but still see the card postage fee.

Do you think you can help me with waiver of the postage fee for my first Revolut VISA card?

Thank you in advance.

Did your friend order a card?

It’s me that I wanted to order the card. But I see only paid postage option.

Whoops! You are right.

Can you please send me a direct message?

DM sent.
Thank you for your support!

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Is that still a problem? I have invited some friends and are still waiting for feedback from them. If it does not work, I will contact you here again.

What do you mean by waiting feedback?

Meant feedback from my friends. One of them has already ordered the card for free. All ok :+1: