Invite a friend, no free card??

I recently received an email giving me the opportunity to win World Cup tickets if I invited someone to join Revolut.
The email said they would receive a free Visa card. But when they follow the link, they are redirected to the usual app that charges £5 for a new card. Any ideas how they get a free card?

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Is the £5 not for postage and the actual card free?

During the campaign, the shipping fee is waived. If the referral link does not work like it should, support can refund the shipping costs.

(Check their Twitter for official statement about this.)

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@Frank Could you provide a link to this twitter statement please?

I can’t, sorry, but you should be able to find this on twitter, searching around the time the campaign was announced (blog post, initial twitter post). Or you can talk to @AndreasK here.

How can I help @niamherinoc?

@AndreasK thank you for your reply but I found information on this. I had shared my invite link but my friend was unable to get the free card. I have told them to use in-app support. Does this mean that I am not entered into the competition if the link didn’t work for them?

If your friend has used the link and successfully signed up then you’ve entered into the competition. Regarding the free card of your friend, support team will refund the cost.

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@AndreasK sorry… what im asking is he will get his money back?

@AndreasK the same happened to my friend yesterday. he opened the link i send him and he still paid 5,99 euros.