Invitation Time Limits Too Short


I have invited most of my friends + family to use Revolut. 50-60% of them using it daily.
Sometimes You give a rushing game to invite 5 person in 4 days to get Premium account for a year but these few days NOT enough as always.

Why don’t you change the rules? I can send a lot of invitation and once if anybody will register a Revolut account via my link, than it will counted and rewarded if it reaches the 5 person.
This time limitation is not fair.


Heya, I’ve edited your post title and category to keep the community a little neater and to give people a better understanding of your initial content without having to open the thread.

For what it’s worth I agree with you entirely, the time limit sucks!

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It is justified, if you think about it, you will get 1 year free Premium.
You only have to invite 5 friends/family in 4 days.
If there were more time, Revolut would not make more profit but losses.

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Revolut make a very-very huge profit from their registered members and also from me. The transaction fees, the exchanging rates etc. I have made a lot of money for them. And also those people who were invited by us.
It looks like free, but sometimes we have to pay some… of course.

And some people use Premium accounts (paying monthly).

Revolut don’t have to waste money for real buildings and offices like other ShittechBanks.
Only the R&D guys & developers’ offices.

So if every 5th person could have a Premium account for a year, they would not crash. But they would have more and more customers >>> money.

The Revolut job interview is also about getting registred memebers less than X days.

Agree 100%. I don’t even bother with this as I know friends are not going to prioritize getting their Revolut account in such a short time.
Month at least.
People do have busy lives and families!


They are enough.

When I got the offer to upgrade for metal I did over 10 Confirmed invites in less than 24 hours :joy:


You could become a Pioneer if you want to earn money.

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Haha. Well I already knew about the offer. I was just waiting. So I prepared
You know when you make a list of people to invite them to your wedding? It was like this. I already had a list of potential interested people and when the offer came I just presented them Revolut’s benefits :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s just hope none of those people will ever have a major issue then. :wink:

I agree totally! It is way to less time.

Let me give you some iOS beta sneaky looks.

Along with this:

Looks like it’ll be coming soon? Afraid it doesn’t need back-date though. There seems to be no time limit on this, which appeals to me a lot more, shame I’ve already signed all my friends up to Revolut and paid for Metal though :frowning: