Investor relations section in the app

@anon33247966 Hi Andreas, as part of the Crowdcube campaign it was mentioned there would be a separate section in the app for investors. I was just wondering whether this is forthcoming ?

If so, can you please share some insight as to what real-time/regular information will be made available ?

Hey @Ratamon

At the moment we’re working on finishing off some awesome new features and our business accounts platform - tune in for updates on this next week! Then we’ll be able to focus on the dashboard. I expect it will have insights including downloads, transaction volumes and so on


Any updates on this? Am I understanding correctly that Revolut latest resolutions sent via Crowdcube exclude crowdfunding investors out of future funding round. It would be great to have a dedicated investors section to discuss this and other topics as promised during the campaign?

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@Lapi I believe you will still be able to invest, given you end up being one of the first 5,000 Premium users. The next crowdfunding round will take place on Seedrs. It appears Revolut is giving it’s institutional investors better terms through convertible notes.

@anon33247966 Indeed investors were promised more insights into Revolut’s growth. Procrastination on the delivery of this is a bitter pill to swallow, especially before a second round of crowdfunding!
If not through the app, could the team set-up, as part of this community website, an Investors group? Since we sign-up to this community with our Revolut phone numbers It should be easy to allow access to this community area only to those who invested.

We would need information on:

  • Number of users by country, Number of users in total, number of active users vs non-active users (those who use Revolut frequently VS those that have not used Revolut in over 30 days)
  • Average transaction value per user per country
  • Transaction volumes - breakdown by currency and per country as well as totals.

To investors: Let’s give Revolut more ideas on what we want to see.


@smanor Crowcube investors were offered the same terms and rights as institutional investors. 400+ retail investors invested over 1 000 000 GBP on those basis. Revolut has passed a resolution to bypass Crowdcube investors who are not able to participate in the convertible loan if they would like to. Now Revolut is annoucing another round whereby willing investors can secure a spot by signing for the premium membership. What about the 400+ Crowdcube investors who have pre-emption rights and should come prior to the premium members?

@anon33247966 can you please clarify Revolut position on this?

Hi @AndreasK ,

I recently spotted an “investment” button in the “plus” section of the app.
Is this it ?

Many thanks

No - this will be a way to allow you to invest money, probably in ETF’s, through the app. Revolut has not only completely failed to live up to it’s promise, they have now removed the # of users ticker from their website. Complete darkness.