📊 Investing in stock market

Hope to see the ETF’s soon!

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Please just add ETFs and Indexes… we need them for conservative strategies… At least provide some info about your future plans with the investments :slight_smile:


Wait, you don’t invest your life savings in high volatility cryptocurrencies!? Joking aside, bring them ETF’s!!!

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On Revolut’s broker service provider website you can find a list of products (ETFs, mutual funds and stock) that they offer. This list includes ARK Invest, iShares, Vanguard, Invesco, VanEck, MSCI, WisdomTree, SPDR etc ETFs. US-domiciled ETFs can be offered to Revolut (European) customers, because Revolut’s broker service provider, DriveWealth, is a US-domiciled broker. US-domiciled brokers can offer US-domiciled ETFs to European customers, because they do not have to follow the PRIIPS regulation.

The list also includes many stocks and SPACs that are not available on Revolut trading platform such as Unilever, Diageo, CCIV and Fisker. So Revolut, where are the stocks, mutual funds and ETFs??


Nope, you can’t sell these in Europe, but you can sell the european equivalent if they are UCITS. For example: Vanguard FTSE All-World UCITS ETF, iShares Core Global Aggregate Bond UCITS, etc.

They cannot sell in the European Union ETF’s that do not abide to the EU laws on the regulatory framework that allows for the sale of cross-Europe mutual funds.

This being said, they can sell any ETF registered in Ireland/Luxembourg that is UCITS. Many US ETF’s can be found in the european market with the same holding and everything, just that they have a slightly different name or they are being sold in EUR, this is what Revolut can give us, the iShares/Vanguard/SPDR funds that sell in europe

US-domiciled brokers can offer US ETFs to European clients. EU-domiciled brokers can’t offer US ETFs to European clients, because they have to abide with PRIIPS regulation. Revolut’s broker services are provided by DriveWealth LLC, US-domiciled broker which can offer US-domiciled ETFs to European clients (who have signed W8-BEN). This is for example done by Firstrade and Charles Schwab in Europe.

As a European retail investor you’re blocked from investing in US domiciled ETFs that don’t comply with EU regulations. Here’s a good overview of the why of that, and other matters concerning investing in US domiciled ETFs as a European investor: https://www.justetf.com/uk/news/etf/us-domiciled-etfs.html

“If you already own a US-domiciled ETF then you can hold or sell it but you won’t be able to buy more until a PRIIPs compatible KID becomes available.”

You most certainly cannot offer ETF’s for the european market without respecting the regulations

Any idea if stock trading will come to Revolut USA customers soon?

W8-BEN is a tax document, allowing tax reduction on withholding taxes (15% tax instead of 35%).

So, nothing to do with ETFs/stocks/etc availability to European investors.

True. But if the broker or bank offers KIID/KID, they can sell. :wink:

I know several banks that sell US-domiciled ETFs with a proprietary KIID/KID to common retail investors. At least more than half dozen banks in Portugal, Spain and Italy. (E.g. Ark ETFs).

In one Portuguese bank with Ark ETFs:

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Trading development is on pause because of Brexit

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Hope we can hear more about the latest developments

Revolut better add Coinbase (COIN) when it goes public on April 14. Huge IPO (Direct Listing) needs to be available for every Revolut user when it has its first trade.


Probably not available

Update, Coinbase is added!