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Not available as of now

Hearing a lot of rumors on the forums and reddit about ETF’s coming to Revolut!

Would be great to have better overview of how much many I have put into my investment account, see some statistics (pies), and in short just have at least info about my total profit :slight_smile:

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There’s already some information available. In the wealth section, tap on your nickname right under the page headline “wealth”.

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Thank you, that is cool!. My friend got a problem there, he sold a penny stock few months ago and it keeps displaying there he lost more than 4k$, but it not true at all… I think the company has been removed after they went bankrupt. But it is related to bug section… Thanks for your advice :slight_smile:

Please add ETF’s soon!!!

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PLEASE add the following stocks :


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Well I really hope too! At least some communication about the progress or a roadmap of features for the trading module. It breaks my heart to see the competition getting “UK’s breakout finance app of the year” award. What is going on with trading? What is going on with the application for a trading license in Ireland?

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Yes, nice! Now they have to make as able to edit the order without having to cancel it and then going for a new one. Simple change the order that already exist make so much more sense and it is way faster then having to cancel the existing one and going for a new one…

Hello everybody. Could someone please help me understand the investment (stock) statement from revolut? I am trying to report my activity but the revolut statement it is hard to understand (al least for me). First of all on the first page (which seams to be the summery) the total deposits amount indicated does not match with how much money I actually added to revolut account in total…I added less than the statement says. Second of all, how can I calculate the profit/loss from the transaction list? Is it ok to aggregate all the buys (sums in brackets), then all the sells (sums without brackets) and finally to substract the 2 totals to get the final profit/loss? and what about cash disbursement and cash receipt…do I add them to the calculation (CSD to selles and CDEP to buys)? I would really appreciate an answer, thanks


Following was wondering the same…

You can’t, right now you will have to calculate the yearly statement yourself or use the services of an accountant. We definitely need a clear yearly statement in the app!


Ok, will calculate by ourselves but is the calculating method that i sugested in the prevoius message correct? Will I includ csd and cdep?

Usually the tax is on the profit you make. The taxable income is on the price you sold - the price you bought for. I don’t know the specifics of the tax system in your country to answer in full details

Income from currency trading is also taxable. When you are exchanging EUR into USD for buying stocks and then after selling stocks back into EUR for example, there’s a loss or gain for that exchange as well. And when you invest over time on many occasions, tracking those individual changes is not trivial. And different European countries apply different principles and rules.

With Revolut, you are basically maintaining a separate USD foreign currency account for investment purposes. As long as you don’t cash out from that account, it’s straightforward, but when you do, it adds the complexity that you don’t have when investing at your local stock exchange in your local currency.

What you talk about is actually about forex trading, something which done on a regular basis for the purpose of making a profit, this is forbidden I think by Revolut in the terms&conditions and for regular normal exchanges you are not subjected to capital gains taxes

Edit: Just checked, if you use Revolut for forex trading they will terminate your account, as it is against their terms&conditions. If you are a normal user and use currency exchange as a tourist or when you want to buy stocks you are NOT forex trading and this does not apply to you

No, I am not talking about forex trading. I am talking about the Revolut trading account being a USD account. Here’s an example.

I buy Amazon shares in January for 1000 GBP.
I buy more Amazon shares in June for 1000 GBP.
In December, I am selling Amazon shares and convert everything back into GBP.

The GBP/USD rate in January, June and December will most likely be different. You’re not only having gains and losses from stock trading but also from the fluctuation between GBP and USD. This is very simple when you invest one large chunk one time, let it sit, and then sell it. But when you’re investing repeatedly over time in increments, tracking of potential gains and losses is a little tricky — because of the many transactions over time where you need to exchange into USD first before you can buy USD stocks.

i have china mobile stock, will i be able to sell it? I was able to sell them earlier and the information was that it was until November

I don’t know about your country tax system specifically, but I have never heard about a tax on currency against your local currency because of owning stocks. You already pay the tax when you sell the stock and have a profit

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You can read more here about OTC stocks, this happens after a stock gets delisted https://www.revolut.com/en-RO/help/wealth/stocks/understanding-investment-events-and-regulations/what-happens-to-my-stocks-if-a-company-is-delisted