📊 Investing in stock market

Dabble in ETF’s at your peril !

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I’m from the Netherlands and I’m still buying USA ETF’s on a monthly basis via degiro :slight_smile:

@Recchan Where did you hear that?

It is now 2 months later and it is still not available, does anyone have any updates or ETA?

From Revolut themselves :clap: but I guess they were wrong

@Recchan Do you have a link or source?

Not that I can remember the location of, sorry

Originally it was planned for January but it had to be moved out, no ETA yet.
It will be limited to Premium/Metal users.

I didn’t want to wait any longer, I tried Degiro for buying some TSLA stocks. :wink:

Thanks a lot for the update. An plans to introduce digitalized gold like Crypto gold (DGX) or like Glint Pay were you could buy any amount of gold in g you want and im the future send it to friends? Both options are approximately 100% backed with gold. This would be beneficial for protecting part of savings in an investing portfolio from inflation using gold without risking it in Investing and have the option to liquidate assets instantly if needed.

There was a race between Revolut, Bux and Trade Republic who’s going to be the first to launch a Robin Hood like stocks trading app in Europe. It seems like Trade Republic won that one. Unfortunately, they offer their services only to German customers as of now.

That‘s the deal: 1 EUR per trade. That’s good for stocks, and okay-ish for ETFs. (Many traditional online brokers in Germany offer discounts for ETFs so one can buy them for free, but there would be still a higher fee for selling them.)

I am missing stocks savings plans (monthly payments).

If they want to become a truly massive virtual bank, then they should never allow it.
Is Bank or an Application for an Investment?
They have to very precisely formulate their target, otherwise they would just become another stock exchange.

Do not make me feel sorry that even my salary is with you. At the moment I only have doubts about uncertainty I leave.

They’ve announced August 2018 that they are working on a stock trading feature.

Defacts will always be the second whistle :slight_smile:

So after 10 months(!) still nothing about the stock market …
Regarding loans they’re also saying for more than 1 year

“but we’re working to launch instant, affordable credit across Europe soon!”

Yeah … “soon”

I would advise only write “News” about real features such as the stock market if you know when and if they’re coming …

So slowly I think Revolut makes a lot of yelling about nothing …

While :r: really sucks announcing news here there have been news:

This is a feature i’m really looking forward to using and after researching was one of the main reasons for signing up.

Anyone at Revolut able to update on a possible time scale of release. Is it close being within the next 3 months?

Unfortunately not likely to arrive this year.

How so? Many, if not most, traditional banks offer Trading Depots as well.

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This is heavily competed market. If revolut enters here, they need to be careful what type of value they are adding.

I believe here, less is more. Giving people lot of power and responsibility is not the solution, people with confidence (justified or not) will use existing sites which will offer better tooling and terms than what Revolut can.

Revolut should target people who do not invest, because it’s scary and complicated and who do not want to learn how things work and what makes sense.

Essentially I’m envisioning users opening another currency account, which is ‘investment’ account with slider for risk level.

What slider does would be documented roughly, but Revolut would be free to move the money to a instrument which makes more sense, like if they get enough money, perhaps ETF issuers will compete and offer Revolut better TER for their AUM.

Slide 0 could be money market, Slide 1 could be bond ETF, Slide 2 could be Bond+Corp loans ETF, Slide 3 could be Bond+Corp Loan+Equity ETF, Slide 4 could be Corp Loan+Equity ETF, Slide 5 could be Equity ETF (VOO/CSPX/SPY), Slide6 could be leveraged Equity ETF.

People who understand what any of this means, probably want (justified or not) more control and do it themselves.
Datapoint, Swedish government allowed people to choose their pension instrument from pool of instruments some years back, this has cast pensioners billions, because the government chosen instrument, on average, is far superior than what ‘skilled’ people choose.
All professional fund managers over time lose to market. There is illusion of skill, but there is nothing in statistical analysis which shows that someone has beating market on skill, by chance some people must for some time.
So according to data we actually have, this ‘dumb a brick’ investment tool would yield better results to people than what people can manage on their own.

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It’s happening


Amazing :heart_eyes:

Twenty times amazing