📊 Investing in stock market

As of Friday (13.11.2020) I don’t see this option anymore (ios 14.2). Will it be back?

Are you in the beta?

please keep in mind that we’re still testing this feature so it may not be available to everyone (and all the time) so please be patient and if you see any inconsistencies with your data please report it

Okay. Thank you for the information

You’ve sent an email to users in EU about trading after brexit and warned that you will froze their accounts if they don’t confirm via the Revolut App that from 1 January 2021 they are trading with RTL at their own initiative…
It would be nice if you can explain to EU users that there is no magic button in Revolut App to confirm trading from 1 January 2021, but instead you need to try to sell or buy some stock and then this option will apear.

hi there! I’ve implemented this feature on iOS and you know what you made a really good point that we should have provided a dedicated button so you could give consent separately. I will talk to the team and we’ll see what we can do

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Thank you, I believe it would be helpful for many users. Honestly, I was thinking to close my account just because I couldn’t find this option.

Indeed, this would be better for visibility and user experience

I will take on Achylle point earlier and if you have time to answer this quickly it would be much appreciatd. Do you have the intention to add these to the app?

Global :

  • More data and graphics to track our entire portfolio evolution over time, its diversification, yield

For the share market :

  • Introduce ETF's

Nice to see Revolut Team is monitoring this thread. I would like to drop in and add my part to the interest in ETFs, so we don’t have to go to other platforms to do that.

Also, could you look into adding the following tickers as well for the next round?

Thanks a lot Revolut, keep going!

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As I see it ETF’s are absolutely essential and since Drivewealth let’s you trade ETF’s (the broker through which Revolut executes trades) it would be great to have them in Revolut also + optional autoinvest feature

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What is actually more concerning to me now, is the fact that I have to choose an option (have not made up my mind), is about continuing investing via R after Jan 1st, 2021 - Post Brexit
Choice 1 : To continue Trading with RTL, from early November you can download the latest version of the Revolut App and confirm via the Revolut App that from 1 January 2021
Choice 2 : You can sell down your positions, transfer your cash from your investment wallet into your payments wallet and then close your trading account by 31 December 2020, should you no longer wish to continue trading with RTL after this date. Normal fees and charges will apply.

I really like the APP (even if it can be better) to invest in stocks, but I am torn here, not sure. Any thoughts about it?

Currently, I can’t buy or sell a stock, I have to make a decision first since the app asks me to either click I accept or… not, and then I can’t transact

I am not in the UK, but in Poland

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it’s click to accept and sell everything. and go out.

I hardly understand what they are talking about with this Brexit issue. Can you guys here explain it?

It’s discussed here. Keep on reading the thread from this post onwards. This might answer all questions you have.

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I want to see exactly how much money I made on the stock market. I only want to see the net realized return based on closed transactions. Now there are graphs in 7.26 beta 795, but none of this shows this information. I have to record separately whether my profit increases or decreases compared to the capital in the account. Example capital 1000 USD, return (only closed tarnsations) 1030 USD, profit 30 USD, 3% on 11/18, after I closed an other transaction -10 USD, and took money 20 USD so capital 980 USD, return 970 USD, profit -10 USD, cca -1% on 11/19.
Or I didn’t understand the current charts. In this case, please write what they show :slight_smile:

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Please make a comment field for the exchange rate notice. Because I don’t remember why I made the notification. :slight_smile:
And please make another comment filed for the stock page. I would like to take some strategy concepct for myself example ‘Target price 129 but if bollinger …’

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it would be nice to mention recently emerging companies. which are just beginning to grow. because it can be a good investment

Whilst I’m a fan of :r: is a mobile phone the best option for stock dealing?

I’ve both portfolios on :r: and on Trading 212 which being desktop & mobile capable is a lot easier to use and I’m trading there. The 212 mobile capability is used mostly for checking trends.
Also :r: is (ATM) limited to the US market.
Now if :r: & 212 could do something together|||

And the last… Please make expiration options like end of day, end of week, end of moth, custom date :slight_smile: thanks