๐Ÿ“Š Investing in stock market

What would happen if the account owner dies. Can the portfolio be inherited by their children for instance?

This is from the Help section and it is not very clear.

What happens if I have a trading account (stocks, cryptocurrency and gold)?

We will suspend any activity as soon as we can. Any existing holdings will be liquidated, pending confirmation from your representative and the proceeds added towards the estate.

Do the holdings are liquidated automatically?

If they are liquidated that limits Revoluts potential to be used as a main broker as over time our portfolios will grow.

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Any news regarding index funds for trading?

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hi was wondering how to claim from shares once you are in credit and did not want to continue with that commodity ???

Any news on new additions?

any plan to add a ISA / SIPP wrapper for trading ETFs and Shares?

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Itโ€™s high time Revolut brings more transparency and tells us what is going on with ETFโ€™s!


Hi Arsen.

Whatโ€™s the roadmap for stocks? ETFs/funds, Invest through tax wrappers like ISA, expansion to include European and British stocks are my personal top three. Would be a formidable product with those!

Is wealth a focus within Revolut? I can imagine many more people wanting to subscribe to metal with such enhancements.


Can you please make a sorting bar on your โ€œobservedโ€ and โ€œboughtโ€ stocks.
Per growth percentage,amount invested and daily change - this would be really help to manage the portfolio.
Folders or categories would be also useful.

Thank you.

Will these recurrent buys use the money earned from dividends?
Also with recurrent buys, I guess the 3 free buy/sell actions will be used up in no time.

Revolut trading will not be a serious contender unless it allows for transfers in-out of stocks from other brokers.


Iโ€™m a huge fan of Revolut and I 'll be happy to invest more. So here are few ideas to improve the โ€œinvestment partโ€

Global :

  • More datas and graphics to track our entire portfolio evolution over time, its diversification, yield, โ€ฆ
    Because currently, itโ€™s a bit difficult to know how much you really earned.

For the share market :

  • ETF support
  • Others non-US markets (London, Paris, Singapore, โ€ฆ)
  • More stats (dividend, PER, โ€ฆ )

For the crypto market :

  • An indicator of our P/L just bellow our total balance (like we have with stock market)
  • Support of external wallet like ledger

For comodities :

  • P/L indicator too
  • Others categories like oil, wheat, โ€ฆ

Thanks by advance and sorry if i mispelled some words, iโ€™m just a french :slight_smile:


Definitely agree, would love to have more options.
Like dependent on percentage drop, trailing stop loss etc.

But most importantly a stop loss for more than one day or week or month.


I literally want to throw money in revolutโ€™s pocket for ETFโ€™s, but itโ€™s 2020 and we donโ€™t even have a chart to see your portfolio worth over time


Today Revolut added some new stocks, still no news about ETFโ€™s

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Please add the feature that we can order our portfolio investments by investments WEIGHT : )
It would be really awesome !! Thanks!!

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