Invest change in crypto

Hey guys,

I still don’t know how I can make my spare change be automatically invested in cryptocurrency with the new Vaults feature.

Can someone enlighten me?


Tap Vaults, tap the plus, name it, change currency to BTC for example. No difference to all other currencies, I believe. Have you tried it?

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It will automatically convert my Euro purchases to BTC?

Thanks mate.

Almost. It will „round up“ whatever you’ve paid and will invest this difference in the currency of your choice.

Round up in quotation marks, because its not always rounding,

If you buy something for 4.99 EUR , it will put 0.01 EUR, exchanged in the currency of your choice, in the vault. If youbuy something for 5.00 EUR, it will put 1 EUR in the vault. So there is a transfer with every payment.