"Invalid Transaction" in New Zealand


I tried using my Revolut card in New Zealand several times now, it failed every time when using chip & pin. Contactless seems to work, even though I haven’t used chip & pin for the first transaction. All security features are turned off.
The card readers always say “Invalid Transaction”. This is really annoying and the support chat hasn’t been helpful either. They just suggested I should order a new card, which is not possible because I’m spending a few months traveling abroad without having an address.
I’ve seen more and more people reporting this, so I figured I’d just share this here.


Just to make sure: most toggles on the security pane need to be “on” for the card to work. Switching to “off” deactivates functionality. Only location based security works the other way round.


This shows visually what Frank said.


Yup, that’s what I meant, sorry for the confusion. The toggles were on.


Hi @timbremer,

Please get in touch with me via DM so that I can investigate this further.




I had 3 support tickets and am currently DMing with you on Twitter. So far I’ve always been told to order a new card, which isn’t possible. Also: The transactions don’t show up in the app and apparently you can’t see them either.


Exactly the same problem with a brand new card. Chip & pin payments just don’t work. ATM withdrawals work fine. Anyone else in New Zealand having this problem?