invalid SWIFT/BIC

any idea why correct BIC/SWIFT codes get rejected when executing bank transfers with accompanying valid IBAN’s? Tried SBICIMDXXXX & SBICIMDX :frowning:

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That was a GBP transaction, wasnt it? You would only need the account number and the sort code, no BIC necessary.

I was transferring euros … it’s an account that accepts all currencies

In that case contact support and enquire why the BIC was not accepted.

I need help here why can’t you triage my support ticket to the person who can help? I have no idea what you expected to me to do.



I dont expect you to do anything. I suggested you contact support.

how do I do that? I thought you part of the support team upon the feedback provided by the chat agent …

We have a specific team dealing with transfer-related cases. Let me pass this conversation to our colleagues, they will get in touch with you as fast as possible within 9:00 - 23:00 CET Monday - Friday or 10:00 - 18:00 CET on weekends. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


apologies alessandro i incorrectly assumed you were a support agent responding to my support query when i saw your replies in my in my email inbox - i forgot i had also posted in the community forum seeking help !

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No worries :wink: did you manage to clarify it? If not, @AndreasK reappeared :smiley: and might be able to shed some light here.

no definitive answer from the revolut support agent … advice received was: I kindly suggest that the beneficiary contacts their bank to confirm their account details for local payments and requests more information on the rejection reason. It may happen that the beneficiary’s bank does not accept sepa transfers.

it’s my daughters account that i’m trying to pay euros into. her employer pays euros into the account with no problem so, whilst it’s possible, i don’t think it would not accept SEPA payments.

Same issue with ALPHA Bank, Greece.
App will not accept GRBAGRAA or GRBAGRAAXXX
HSBC/Santader are happy to with proceed with the second.

I’m afraid, Alpha Bank is CRBA, not GRBA. Have you finally found the mistake?

Anyone knows why the App shows REVOGB21 as the SWIFT? I am told this SWIFT is not valid

Transferwise and others recognize the code as valid. So did my Swiss and Spanish accounts. Where do you have that problem or who told the number was incorrect?

Apparently REVOGB21 is the BIC code. My bank is asking for the SWIFT code in order to transfer some US$ into my Revolut account. I think that the SWIFT code is REVOGB2L, but I am not sure. I am looking for someone who can confirm this…

Same issues with BCR Romania… SWIFT RNCBROBU is not accepted

I have same problem with my account Canadian.
The message is ‘this action is forbidden’.


BIC codes with 21 are not connected to SWIFT with full participant rights however they may be recognised and traced in the payment route because of inclusion in the SWIFT directory