Invalid postcode in card delivery adress


I have created my account some time ago and now I want to order the card. During the order I was asked about the delivery adress and when I fill it with the same adress I have added to my account it shows me messeage “Postcode 54058” is invalid, please change it before continuing. In Poland, where I live, the post code looks like this: XX-XXX. In my profile adress I have used “-” for " " (space) beceause otherwise it wasn’t working. I don’t have any local characters in other adress fields. Any ideas what should I do? I need to order and recive card as soon as possible.


Hi there. Have you tried to reach out our in-app support team?


Yes I did, Your bot was useless, I was trying to contact “human” but my last messeage sent around 1 pm today was not answered. I can see the red fonted messeage about “high volume of request” at the top od the screen


Is there any chance that someone will answer my question? On in-app chat still no one answered my messeages


You can try on Twitter. That was the only way I got any support the last couple of days.