Invalid Phone Number..


I attempted to create an account for Revolut recently, One I have selected my area code, input my mobile number and created a passcode for the app, I receice a pop up message informing that my phone number is ‘invalid’.

Please note that many of friends of the same location have created an account in the past dew weeks.

Could someone please help me do this before my holiday in 2 weeks!


@ShawnCardoso Where are you based?


Jersey, Channel Islands, United Kingdom


@ShawnCardoso Strange - That should be +44 followed by 10 digits (9 if you exclude the 0 prefix) <-- have you tried without the 0 prefix?


I have attempted that with multiple numbers (friends and family mobile numbers) and yet it is still invalid.

I am running out of time so I may have to just purchase a sim card from the united kingdom


Try sending a PM to @AndreasK of Revolut, he’s incredibly helpful on these forums.


:wave: Thank you @smanor


Hi @ShawnCardoso,

I’m really sorry to inform you that our services are not yet available to Jersey residents. We’re working on it as we aim to expand our services globally.


Hi i have the same problem i live in canada


Is this the same for Canada? It keep saying my phone number is invalid?


Hi, Is this the same for Canada? It keep saying my phone number is invalid? Thank You.


Hey! Unfortunately, Revolut is only available for EEA residents right now. :frowning:


Oh OK, Thank you so much for your reply.I am living in Canada at the moment, but returning home to Ireland at the end of the summer - Do you think I could us an Irish number to set up an account from here? Revolut’s exchange rates are far superior to anyone else I have checked out - Would be fab if I could work it some how :slight_smile: Loretta


Hi Loretta, at some point, you have to verify your identity with some sort of ID / passport with a valid EEA address. If you still have access to your Irish phone and you are an Irish citizen, I assume that is good for opening an account.


Thank You Frank :slight_smile: Loretta