Invalid password, cannot enter revolut code to reset


I have had my password to enter the app reset unexpectedly. I am 100% sure I knew what it was, I used it two days ago and then today and yesterday I am told it is an incorrect password.

I click the forgotten password link and it asks for my number and my last 4 digits of my card. After entering the last 4 digits of my card it returns me to the entering password page.

I receive a text which says something along the lines of “Your Revolut code: 095-399 (it will expire in 10 minutes)” but I have no idea where to enter this number as I cannot progress beyond the password entry page.

Reading your FAQs concerning password resetting this does not sound like the correct behaviour and I cannot contact anyone in support as I cannot progress beyond the login page.




I deleted and reinstalled the app and it went through the steps correctly with a white rather than a blue background to the password entry page, perhaps I needed to update my app?


Excellent, is everything resolved?

And yes, best to keep your :r: app, as well as your mobile OS, up to date.