Invalid IBAN

Hi all.
I have problem with transfer money (EUR) from Revolut to my bank account in Slovakia.
If i typed IBAN of my slovak account , the application said to me that : "Entered value is incomplete or invalid ". But my IBAN is 100% correct. What is wrong?

Thanks for your answers.

Just to be sure: do you type in “SK” before numbers?
I mean:

Yes I typed SK exactly.

Hmmm, IMHO something went wrong.
Have you checked your IBAN in some external calculator?

I checked in that your calculator and result is: IBAN is valid everyting is OK.

Last question: have you provided BIC/ SWIFT?

Hey there, I’ve been in touch via DM.

Thank you Jessica … just enter the details manualy without copying :slight_smile:

My pleasure! :slight_smile: Glad that it’s working.

Sending money to bank account doesn’t work…button “Add beneficiery” isn’t working… :frowning:

My bad. I had forgotten to enter the country and the default differed from the destination IBAN country.

Hi there

I have a problem with IBAN as well. I have two valid german IBAN numbers and none of them works. It is fairly urgent. Could someone please look into it?

Thank you