Invalid expiry date - all payments are declined


Hello Community,
I’m turning to you as I find myself in a bind - and as seen everywhere, “there is an unusual amount of support requests”…

Travelling recently and looking forward to first using my new Revolut card, I discovered that all my card payments got declined - reason “invalid expiry date”.
So I used my regular banking card and got charged fees during the whole trip.

Upon closer inspection, I discovered that the CVV and expiry date on my physical card don’t match those in the application. The card number however is the same.

Is there a way to correct this ?

I submitted this issue to Revolut support via chat on June 3rd, was told to wait 10 hours, got a reply on June 7th asking for the same information that I’d already given in the chat, and am now back to waiting indefinitely (currently June 8th - and counting !)

I am travelling again to a non-Euro country in 4 days. If I again can’t use my card on this upcoming trip I’ll have to give up on Revolut as that would be 3 non-Euro trips scheduled since I signed for Revolut, and none of which where I could actually use my card and avoid transaction fees.

I’m a new user of Revolut, and a big fan of the company’s vision, but I do hope Revolut realizes that you cannot have success as a banking company if you don’t have an adequate level of support. We’re talking about your customers’ ability to make payments here, not some bug on “flappy bird”… If your whole business model revolves around simplicity and ease of use for your customers, but they can’t use your product due to the lack of support… well, see where I’m going ?

A currently disappointed and frustrated new user - nevertheless remaining optimistic, for the moment !