Introducing #XRP 🤩


With so much excitement surrounding #XRP, here is everything you need to know about one of the most talked about Cryptocurrencies. :nerd_face:




Just saw BCH & XRP in :r: ! Great addition!
Do you have plans for more cryptos? (I understand you wouldn’t give the list yet though…)

Go go :r: !


I don’t see historic rates for XRP in the app. Is this a bug or is the just not jet implemented?


Thanks :r: this is a GREAT achievement !


This blog entry has a button at the end. I am in the crypto queue for a long time and I can’t exchange to cryptocurrency but with the blog button it works, but Xrp is not in the list.

Is this a bug that I can exchange with the blog button but not any other way?


Update your app please!


Maybe concentrate on improving your customer support instead of introducing new fads all the time.


Thanks for your valuable feedback. We’re expanding our support team as we speak.


It was needed about a year ago, sadly. Currently I wait about two days to get a response for any feedback, even though I’m missing $1000s due to a fault in Revolut’s transfer system (been missing now for 6 weeks). Not really good enough for a company who touts themselves as ‘disrupting the market’!