Introducing Rev Me! 📲


Someone tried to pay me using a card issued in the US and their bank has blocked the transaction for security reasons (Chase). She tried twice then stopped trying so I had to provide with an alternative payment method which is causing delays in her payment. I requested USD from her. Is there anything we can do to get around issues like this? I know she would need to contact her bank but it just doesn’t look good from the clients’ point.


Hi, just to confirm then the Rev Me function does not really work at all? I have tried to use it but all I am getting is a request to join revolut? I want to pay some money back to a friend using my US credit card, I have a UK based account, for some overseas expenses which I do not want to use my revolut account for. I am finding there are no options available despite the bla-bla saying that Rev Me is working ?? Not from where I am !


Hi there, it does work, I just used it the other day.
Both inbound and outbound works.
Try using a lower amount as Rev-Me has an user based limit. :slight_smile:


By the way, your friend has a Revolut account and he is creating a Rev-me link, right?

I just tested it with 150$ and it was only showing me the option to join, but then I’ve tried with 2$ and it offered me the option to pay :slight_smile: ( must be because I’ve used Rev-me in the past week for over 100£)


Hi Mark, yes I took note of the previous comments and got my son to request less money, so it then worked well. Just so I know I then asked him to repeat the request and it reverted to asking me to join ! So I suppose we will be limited to one request per day, is that right ? Is it correct to say that the amount depends on his top up limit ? Is this figure adjustable, or is this in itself a techno challenge?? Thanks for you helpful advice. Adrian


Hey Bizbuz,

The limit isn’t 1 request daily, but it’s limited to a certain amount of $$$/week as far as I remember.
The limit itself should raise itself with time and usage, but there is no way for us users to request a raise on it, I’ve already tried to :frowning:
Still, it is really a good option for someone to pay what they owe you, and they will most likely improve this feature in the future. :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


I tried to send my sister 20€ but she was requested to join to revolut.
When is required to sing up since?
It wasn’t before :frowning:


Have you tried to send a request to anyone other than your sister this week?
There’s a certain limit / week which you can request.


I wasn’t requesting money. I was sending money.
I haven’t requested or send a lot of money tho :frowning:


Let me rephrase it, have you sent any amount this week the same way you’re doing it now?


No, I haven’t sent money this week.

At most I have created links to request 5€. Not received yet tho xD


Seems is not working at all today…
the link appears directly as expired


Error 500 received from server.

send money to not revolut user

Oh, so it’s not just me :man_facepalming:
Ok… so I have to move my arse to the bank tomorrow morning to make a payment to Revolut (because my bank cards are waiting renewal so I was supposed to ask dad to send with :man_facepalming:)

@AndreasK any ETA for this to be fixed?


Dudes, is one of the most loved things for me in :r:


@ValScholz Can you let me know when the Rev Me app will be working again? If it is going to be another few days, I will be moving to a more reliable provider.


Do you know any other provider to request to non-users? I would like to know too. This is annoying

send money to not revolut user

Hey guys! We’re really sorry about this. The team is working on a fix, as we speak. I will keep you posted.


I love you guys :kissing_heart:

I have cousins who are leaving now for university and I’m pushing them to get Revolut cards as their parents can send them easily money through in case of emergency :smiley:


Thank you, seems working now :grimacing: (didn’t tested yet but no error 500 anymore)