Introducing Rev Me! 📲


Have a Danish number as secondary. When I try to request from that, no link. Requesting from another Danish number it works fine :thinking::thinking::thinking:
Using a Norwegian number as primary.


So apparently the feature only lived for a few hours. Bummer!


Still work here :thinking: despite my issue with my Danish number.


What types of card are accepted?


Hi @Szak1,

May I ask you to try again? That’s definitely not the case and you should be able to use this feature.

Let me know if that doesn’t work and I’ll take a look what’s happening there.



Hi @simongeta,

We’re supporting the major debit and credit cards - please be aware that we might charge a minor fee for credit cards outside of the EEA to cover our costs.



Hi @ValScholz, thank you for taking your time to look into the issue. I just generated a new 200chf money request and it still asks to sign up to Revolut.


Hi @Szak,

Apologies for this miscommunications, we definitely don’t have any legal issues.

Using an EEA issued debit card or credit card is completely free. If your card has not been issued within the EEA (e.g. a US based card) or is a commercial card then you may face a small fee.


Thank you for the clarification.
Any idea why I’m requested to Join revolut following the payment link, as opposed to entering the credit card details?


@AndreasK Hey, can’t seem to figure out the 1-250 GBP limit. I’ve requested a $200 and a $150 payment. The $200 worked without requiring signing up for Revolut. The $150 one asked for sign up(only after the $200 one has been paid). So, I assume it’s 250 GBP max per account?

Now, I’ve also tried generating a $50 request which works without signing up. A $100 one requires signup. I’ve also tried a 100 GBP request and it does NOT require signup. A $80 request requires sign up.

(Works directly with card)
$200 + 100 GBP is a little under 250 GBP, but surely more than the below example that doesn’t works.

(Requires signup)
$200 + $80 is well under 250 GBP

Trying to figure out what is the actual limit for card payments, as the math doesn’t really sum up here.


Card from Romania: worked

Is weird that before (first attempt of rev me, when it was stopped) the in app support said that it will be available just for EEA cards while now seems that should be available to receive from any card (with a fee)

So here I come. A friend from Philippines gonna test his credit card with this :smiley: (I hope it works cos is important)


Seems is not working as long as the card is not one of those top up currencies, which makes the “non EEA cards accepted” obsolete as long as the only non EEA currency accepted is USD.
And I don’t understand why. Because when using a card for a foreign payment the bank will do the co version, so the receiver will get what he asked for (like, I ask for 50€ then a card in Filipino pesos will pay around 3300₽ or what’s the bank exchange rate).

So. Still T&C of the service are vague.


They are facilitating the same technology used for the internal top ups. So I am not surprised at all that the list of supported currencies is the same. The reason for it is probably very simple: these are the currencies where thy could get a good deal for with their acquiring partner?


Very likely the reason yes.

Nevertheless, this is still a good feature to be able to request money from friends & other people who don’t have Revolut, everywhere in EEA for now :slight_smile:


Sure. I am all for it.



It’s weird because I can ask AUD with rev me



In need of ordering a card without using app please


So non-Revolut members can’t use this feature anymore? :’(


I have the same problem… After some successful actions, only “Join Revolut” button is open from a request :frowning:
What can i do?