Introducing Rev Me! 📲


Splitting the restaurant bill? :hamburger::pizza:
Request money with #RevMe and instantly get paid back in 9 different currencies from any bank card! :credit_card:




Happy to see this feature back, but, it seems that nothing has changed. It seems that people can still only pay by signing up for Revolut, instead of being presented with a payment form.


When I try no link is generated

Have tried to log out and back in as well.


It is being rolled out over the next 24 hours. Just been in contact with support.


Do we know anything about the charges for using using non-EEA cards? The T&C only state “Please note that if you top up with a card that has not been issued within the EEA (e.g. a US based card) or you top up with a commercial card then we may charge a small fee just to cover our costs.” Anyone know what those fees actually are?


Here you can find the fees


Nope, that’s not the fees at all. Ended up chatting with them, and was told the following (shortened because I’m lazy):

Me: I’m trying to determine the charges for non-EEA issued cards when using rev me. Your t and c only state that you “may charge a small fee” but don’t spell out the amount anywhere.
Rev: The fees are calculated on a volume weighted average basis and will change periodically - we therefore cannot give exact figures.
Rev: The fee should be shown at the moment of making the transfer.
Me: OK. Can you tell a rough estimate (eg <2%, 2-5%, >5%)
Rev: <2%
Rev: But bear in mind, this is just my estimate

(I still find it very unsatisfactory that the fee is not disclosed until the moment of payment, and I’d certainly call bollocks on “cannot give exact figure” because charges “will change periodically”: I wasn’t asking for fees from today and forevermore - merely for today’s fees, but I guess it’s their business.)


Hmm, in that way they are sure not to tell something wrong :grinning: Glad I have no fee at all.


Sure, that’s what I always tell my wife when she tells me off: Only those who don’t do (on, in this case, say) anything don’t make mistakes :smiley:

Pro tip: You won’t win any argument with your wife if you use this excuse - not a single one …


Are you able to use this feature now?


No, still no link in the message that’s been generated.


Awesome! Thanks for letting me know.


Neither me. I’ve asked about help by Twitter. At the beginning they wanted me to reopen the app ones again. It didn’t help. I have provided the screenshots and then they wanted my phone number. Now I am waiting :crossed_fingers:


Is it normal that my friend is asked to join revolut when opening my link? Shouldn’t he simply enter his card details and pay?


Are you within the limit? If the amount requested exceeds the limit then the sender will be asked to sign up.


Posted this in the other thread.


Yes. I requested 249CHF, which is safely below 250GBP.
Here is the link, as you can see you are forced to sign up:
One more thing: the “Back” button of browsers don’t work when viewing the money request page.


I requested 5 DKr but still no link generated. I January when you released it shortly it worked.