Anyone already tried

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I “tried” only to see the page my friend would get:

The link looks like:

If anyone tried it completely, let us know how fast you get the payment on your account :slight_smile: thanks!


It says on the advert that it accepts 9 currencies. where can I find out what those currencies are?..

I assume all currencies that are also supported for top ups via card. You can check the FAQs for details.

For me is appearing “Join Revolut” which is useles…

I wanted to use it for a transfer from Japan but seems I can’t


Cause I’m nice, I had a look in the app for you.
Accepted currencies:

(replied to the wrong person, this was meant to be for @mariak)


Thank you! I had a look before and typed in ‘rev me’ but couldn’t see anything for it. I haven’t been able to find much info at all on this new service -perhaps I have been looking/searching wrong

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I’ve found now why, first time I’ve sent it to my primary email.

Discovered a bug, gonna report it :smiley:

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This is very new (from today?) and for some reason it seems only available until 09/02, not really sure why.
Anyway, if you do try it please let us know if it worked and how long it took you to receive the money please :slight_smile:

I tried it. Just for fun. Money arrived instantly. In fact, the notification for the card payment and the Revolut credit appeared in the same moment.

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That’s really good news, thanks @Frank!
That will be very useful to get money back from non-Revolut users, finally!

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And dunno why it says in 9 currencies, because I can select any of the 25 ones :slight_smile:

This is a crazy feature. First time that a private current account gains the capability to process card payments. For free. Without the need to subscribe to a service (like Venmo, where one of course can add cards to pay someone).

Perhaps it is a trial service to see how it runs?

Strange, I have access only to the 9 currencies mentioned before on that screen.

@mariak Maybe, I hope they keep it! :smiley:

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Requesting funds is not really new. When using it for currencies that are not supported, it asks the receiver to sign up for Revolut. The list of currencies for card payments is identical with the list of supported currencies for top ups via card. My guess is it is simply about terms and agreements with their card processor. As soon as they are going to add more currencies for top ups, they might become available for “Request money” as well.

It’s definitely costly for them. It might be also a clever way to attract new customers.

Yeah I think so. Cause before the whole “please register to Revolut, add your card, add your ID…” and pay me back was a bit … complicated to say the least.

Now, people can request money easily, while making their friend curious and potentially subscribe (but not forced :slight_smile: )

For top-ups via credit card there is a 1% fee. They state that is without fees - I assume both for the requester and the payer. In that case it seems that it can actually be used top up your account without the 1% fee - just send to your own phone number or copy and paste the top-up link into a browser and use your own credit card . Has anyone tried this?:slight_smile:

Everyone is hoping that with PSD2 coming soon, credit card fees will disappear. Fingers crossed.