Introducing our new Revolut eSIMs 🚀

Hello Revolut Community :wave:,

We’re back with another popular product! At team Revolut, we’re so proud to announce that we’ve launched eSIMs. (Product availability may vary depending on your country.) :partying_face:

What’s an eSIM? :thinking:

An eSIM allows you to activate a mobile data plan from your network provider without having to use a physical SIM card — sounds cool, right?

Why should I have an eSIM?

:earth_africa: You can conveniently access mobile data in more than 100 countries with just a few taps on your app — no need for a physical SIM card

:money_mouth_face: You’ll avoid unexpected Roaming fees when you travel

:calling: You can access the Revolut app without using up your eSIM data, so if you run out of data, you can still top up and stay connected

:gem: Ultra plan customers get 3GB of global data every month (Ultra plan subscription fees and T&Cs apply)

Will my physical SIM card still work?

The dual SIM technology in compatible iPhone and Android models means you can stay connected with both your physical SIM and your eSIM. At any time, you can select which SIM to use for data connectivity and switch to the other SIM. You can even use your eSIM for data access while keeping your existing phone number.

What devices are compatible with Revolut eSIMs? :iphone:

To use an eSIM, your device must be carrier-unlocked and eSIM-compatible. You can check if your device is compatible in this FAQ in our Help Centre. Country and carrier-specific restrictions may apply.

Where can I access data plans using a Revolut eSIM? :earth_americas:

With Revolut eSIMs, you can access data plans in 100+ countries. You’ll also get access to local, regional, and global plans where you won’t be restricted to one country, and you’ll be able to roam hassle-free in multiple places. You can view the list of compatible countries in this FAQ.

Can I delete my eSIM?

You can delete your installed eSIM at any time. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to your device’s applicable cellular/mobile data/network settings
  2. Select the eSIM you’d like to delete
  3. Follow the prompts to ‘Delete Mobile Plan’ or ‘Remove eSIM’

If you’re changing mobile devices, you should see an option to delete your eSIM when you go through the factory reset.

Note: Don’t forget to check the terms and conditions here - Terms & Conditions . The Revolut eSIM covers global data only. Voice and SMS aren’t supported. :rewind:

eSIM questions? We’d be glad to help! Why not share your thoughts in the comments? :arrow_double_down:

SG | Community Team


I was already able to test an eSIM plan in early May.
I’m very proud that everything worked hassle free! :partying_face:
Thank you, Revolut. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello @Captain :wave: ,

It’s great to hear that you were able to use our eSIM easily. Keep exploring our platform. :r:

SG | Community Team