Introducing Euro Direct Debits 💶

it might be because they aren’t connected directly

Dear Frank,
As I said in my first post, I thought that we had 2 months to reverse the payment without stating any reason and you also agree on this. I am experimenting my first Direct Debit in Revolut and I cannot find a way to reverse it. I contacted via chat Revolut and the response is that this is not possible to reverse. So, if this is true, it’s not a real Direct Debit for me.
This is why I am posting in order to try to get some clarification about the subject.
I send a screenshot of the conversation below


I would talk to support again, make them aware of the regulations regarding SEPA direct debits, and ask to be forwarded to a team that can look into this. If this doesn’t help, I would follow Revolut’s official complaints procedure. This way, you can force them to look into it again and you will get a written response. This should clarify things at least.

@anon33247966, could you throw some light on why support isn’t aware of the SEPA direct debit rules, and how will revolut comply?

So Revolut doesn’t allow for reverse direct debits? This is clearly in violation of SEPA rules.
And on top of that, users have to approve direct debit mandates in advance (on a per-mandate basis) before their account is debited which is also not how direct debits are supposed to work.

@Revolut: Please familiarize yourselves with the SDD CORE rulebook which is available here: