Introducing Euro Direct Debits 💶


Probably as with any other bank account. What would you expect?


The blog explained but for whatever reason it’s been removed.

Basically, you need to get a EUR account from Revolut. To do this, hit More -> Profile -> Account Details -> EUR. Once you’ve gotten your unique BIC/IBAN then you can use this when registering for Direct Debit with a service provider, give them this BIC and IBAN and they’ll be able to request variable amounts from your Revolut account.

There currently isn’t any way to deauthorize a Direct Debit, but I’d imagine a message to support will allow you to do this until Revolut roll out a feature to do this yourself.


That is how it usually works. So I am not sure what the question is.


** cough ** cough ** Article in google cache ** cough **

Great news otherwise!! :+1: :clap:



Why is it that automated support is still saying that direct debits are not supported ? :slight_smile:


It’s supported for Euro accounts only, maybe it needs clarifying :sweat_smile:


The link is not working guys


Does this mean it’s not yet live?

I contacted support and they said it hasn’t been officially announced and not yet available?? Very confusing.


How did you get VM to work with DD? My attempt did work.


I never got it to work. Customer support said I had to fill out a DD mandate form and post it to them and so I gave up.


Excellent post etc…