Introducing Euro Direct Debits 💶

I see that number of possible standards is decreasing. :joy:
On the bottom there is lack of:
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Google released Google Wallet in 2011, Android Pay in 2015, Tez in 2017, Google Pay in 2017.

They’ve just renamed Android Wear to ‘Wear OS by Google’, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they shortened it to ‘Wear OS’ in a year’s time, and then back to ‘Android Wear’ in a relaunch.

Good to know. Thanks for the clarification.


Not sure if it’s an issue with Revolut or Sky (Ireland, so it is in Euro), but I’m getting a generic error when trying to change my DD with them. Worked fine with Virgin Media though. Annoyingly my mobile phone provider, eir, require me to select from a list of banks that Revolut, of course, aren’t on… :confounded:

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Google Pay in NFC meaning is just former Android Pay. Change of the name does not change NFC payment standard… (At this moment) they just link different services. (I don’t know how long they will be together :joy:)

Ok, let’s skip this discussion in this thread.

Any plans to add a section in the app where I can view/cancel my direct debits?


I don’t understand this decision of making announcements and then canceling them. Certainly not the first time it happens.

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The feature works :slight_smile: As mentioned above, only the blog is down.

Can someone highlights what is actually direct debit and the benefits!?

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The main difference is between a standing order (Revolut call them Recurring payments) and a Direct Debit.

A standing order is something YOU set up in your bank or Revolut account, for a fixed sum payable on the same recurring date.

A direct debit is you giving a third party (Bank, mortgage company, business) the authority to ask your bank (or Revolut) for VARIABLE payments at potentially variable intervals also. Here the request comes from the third party to your financial institution. This is especially useful when the payments are likely to be variable and irregular, such as utility payments, mobile provider payments etc.

I’m saying the above mainly with regard to the UK and Malta (which has a similar banking system to the UK). I’m unaware if there are differences in other countries.

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The only problem is that others somehow managed to meet all the requirements much faster.

I really don’t know what you mean by that??

I was replying to @capital about Revoluts “struggle” to meet Apple Pay requirements.

But this thread is about Direct Debits. Best to keep on topic, IMHO.

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Any topic comes down to lack of support in the end or Apple Pay being just around the corner anyway.

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Silly question maybe, but is this what in Europe we know as SEPA Direct Debit, or some other thing?

Unless I am very mistaken :slight_smile: it is that very precise thing.

Yep. It is :+1:. Euro direct debit in the SEPA area

The thing is, how can you use Direct Debits with Revolut? What are the steps?