Introducing Euro Direct Debits 💶


:euro: Introducing Euro Direct Debits as a fast and secure way to pay for your gym membership, household bills, mortgage and more!





Suppose not for UK use ?
Curious,cause thats the last thing i miss on Revolut :slight_smile:


Yes, but only if you’re paying in Euros ie. setting it up using your EUR Account :euro:


Will there be one for UK in pounds ?
I mean in future plan.




We had to remove it for a while.


What does “a while” mean? Days, weeks or months? :slightly_smiling_face:


My understanding is that the Direct Debit function is restricted to the Euro currency account for now.

So if you have access to the Euro currency account (e.g. IBAN), as a UK/EU/EEA citizen, then you will be able to use direct debits, but only for transactions in €.

I assume £ will be coming soon, once :r: obtains their Lithuanian banking licence and passports to the UK.

‘A while’ will mean ‘briefly’. :wink:


Or “soon”, like Apple Pay. :grinning:


The main dependence in terms of getting Apple Pay is Apple. Their requirements for working with third-parties (as evidenced in their stringent ‘MFI’ programme for creating third-party accessories for iPhones/iPads) is quite strict, so it takes time to jump through all the hoops.

It’ll take time, but once it’s done it’ll be done.


Guys, direct debits work like a charm. Only the blog post is down at the moment :slight_smile:


Is this just the blog post that’s been removed, or has the functionality itself been disabled?

I’ve already moved one of my direct debits over and want to make sure I’m not going to have any issues.


Only the blog post. :slight_smile:


Hmmmm, What about Google Pay then? :yum:



I was referring to @capital only…:yum:



Less stringent standards because there are just so many standards.