Introduce Visa cards (that accept withdrawals from Paypal) and other important features



I really like the Revolut. Congratulations Revolut - your website is within 118 000 most popular websites in the world. And within top 16 000 in UK. That’s amazing.

To my understanding, a payment processing company, in order to be successful, has to continuously expand it’s feature set. At the same time the company has to maintain it’s simplicity and be as user-friendly as possible. Revolut already has what it takes to be a good competitor to Paypal.

Moreover, Revolut should work to become number one. I have ideas how Revolut can be improved.

  1. Introduce Visa card options. There are countries around the world where only Visa is accepted. Mastercard is not.
    Visa is also a necessary for tens of thousands of people who need a Visa card for Paypal withdrawals. You can maintain both Mastercard and Visa, or start supporting just Visa. If there was a Revolut Visa card in USD, I would personally start using Revolut.

  2. Introduce IBAN codes for your account holders. All European countries use IBAN bank accounts. More and more countries all around the world have IBAN bank accounts (including Tunisia, British Virgin Islands, East Timor, Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Puerto Rico and others). IBAN codes are already available for OKPay, Leupay, MyPOS and Paysera payment processor accounts. IBAN codes let people more easily send and receive money. It is also necessary for Revolut to become a true bank replacement. I am aware that IBAN codes will be available on “Revolut for Business”. That’s great. But ordinary clients need IBAN codes as well.

  3. Introduce more and more new currency options for your account holders. This will attract more clients word-wide. It will also benefit clients from these different countries.

  4. Introduce desktop support. I understand mobile payment platform is part of your plan. But I am sure you are losing out on a lot of potential clients, just because you do not support desktop. I am aware that desktop support will be available on “Revolut for Business”. That’s great. But ordinary clients need desktop support as well.

I really hope you will take this into consideration.

Best regards,
Matas Janulis


there are IBAN accounts, when you choose to top up via bank transfer. I just looked at mine.
sure it would be cheaper for us to have local countries bank accounts, than just uK


He means an IBAN per account. Your own IBAN.


Ah I see.
Currently revolut doesn’t even accept money transfers unless it matches your name, so many more things need to happen before we get that far.

I think some people want revolut to be something it wasn’t meant to be. And if it tries to do too many things, it won’t do all of them well. I rather it does a few, but does them particularly well


You have a point but then again this forum is probably meant for busisness developers to gain ideas and inspiration. So for that it’s a valueable contribution.


Thanks for the clarification, @geertn.

@FernandoMiguel, there’s no such thing as “too many things” when we’re talking about the essential features of a payment processing company.

Furthermore, you are mistaking bank top-ups and IBAN codes for Revolut accounts. These are two totally separate features.
You are also mistaking bank top-ups and bank transfers - “Revolut doesn’t even accept money transfers unless it matches your name”. Topping up from your own bank account is a final feature, as there’s no such thing as topping up from another person’s bank account. If you want others to transfer you money from their bank, that’s where the IBAN codes take effect, as they do just that.

As a conclusion, read the posts more carefully before commenting something out of the question. As I said, IBAN codes for Revolut accounts are already official and will be released soon. But for now - only for “Revolut for Business”.


True that @geertn

@Matas then apply for a business account. Seems simple


@FernandoMiguel I surely did. Peace.