Intransparent top up charges


Hi. I topped up my account with my credit card. Which was supposedly free in CHF, just to discover, that you charged almost a 2% fee on the transaction, without informing me before.

I’m fairly sure that you are obligated to inform clients about charges BEFORE they are entering into a binding contract.

You customer service does not respond… pretty shitty!!!


Hello @Asti :slight_smile:

Does this charge appears in your bank statement only or also in your :r: account details when clicking on the transaction? :thinking:

I know nothing about your precise situation, but it might be the case that your bank charged you extra for the operation, and not :r:

More info on the topic:


It appears on the Resolut statement… sadly only after the Transaction, which is not cool at all.
The CC statement only shows the total amount


Hey @Asti :slight_smile:

I’m surprised, as :r:'s pricing is really straightforward in this case

Is it a debit or credit card? From which bank, if I may ask? :thinking:


If it’s a CREDITcard then top ups are always charged. Only using debit cards or bank transfer is free.


Sure, @yongeneglinton, but not a “like 2%” fee, just 1% :confused:


I agree 1% was expected, but they charged almost 2%, which came as a suprise. So the lesson is don’t use credit cards. Its faster, but they rip you off…
the claims in the Q&A that CHF top ups on cards are free and that they charge a small fee, I still find misleading.
But made my peace and will just never use this top up channel agaim.


Hey @Asti :slight_smile:

Seems you’re not the only one with this specific “like 2%” problem: