Intl transfer within Revolut

Hello everyone,
I joined the Revolut network a few weeks ago and I am very pleased with the service. As a UK resident I mainly use it to execute payments within the community which takes only seconds. The payments from/to the high street banks clear for 2 to 5 hrs which is also fine. My question is - if I send Euro from my euro Revolut account here to a friend in Germany who is a resident there and a Revolut member too, how long would it take?
Thanks in advance for your reply!

I tried it earlier today. 3 seconds.

For an identical case? Oh god, that`s really good!!!

SEPA (Instant Credit Transfer) is relatively quick.

If s/he’s also a :R: account holder, could use the :R:-to-:R: payments system which is internal and should be even faster.

Hi @Mur400.

Internal transfers between Revolut account holders are instant.

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