International Travel


I do not have a Facebook or a Twitter account.

Early January 2018 I (Premium user) will go to Thailand. That means a change to an already available Thai phone number to access my Revolut account on a single SIM phone. As I understand the procedure and not to run into trouble just before I make a very first step onto the plane here in Zurich I access my account, change my present phone number to the Thai phone number and log out from my Revolut account. And after arrival in Thailand only I then access my account via the Thai number.

In February 2018 I will proceed to Cambodia and buy a Cambodian SIM card at the airport. That means another change regarding Revolut as my Thai SIM might not work in Cambodia.

What I am worried about is the fact that Revolut Help can only be accessed through the app.
How can I get in touch with Revolut if my different SIM cards won’t work swapping countries? I have no idea if my Thai SIM is going to work in Cambodia, vice versa I do not know if a Cambodian SIM will ever work when coming back to Thailand.

Please let me have clear instructions how to get in touch with Revolut either via phone, SMS or e-mail alternatively if anything goes wrong.


Hey @gzu88bv :slight_smile:

I’m afraid there’s not any other way to contact :r: at the moment. Maybe they can do an exception with you (I absolutely don’t know about this), but they’ll surely not discuss it publicly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: