International Transfers - how long does it take?


I am waiting for a transfer to arrive at my account. It was done already 7 days ago.
Would it please let me know if this is normal?
It is done from a Spanish bank account to my GBP Revolut account.


In case you don’t have a personal GBP account IBAN, have you included your personal account reference? Also, was the transfer done in EUR or GBP?

I have the IBAN and SWIFT and provided them to the person doing the tranfer. It was done in Euros.

Many thanks

Are you aware that third party transfers from accounts not in your name are not supported? (They are only supported for the “personal GBP account”.)


I am afraid I do not understand.
The transfer was done to my personal GBP account. Even though it was Euros, I provided the sender the details of my personal GBP account.

Does this mean that transfers from any body other than myself or Revolut account holders are not supported?


Ah ok now I got it. Revolut does not convert currencies you send, therefore you can only send EUR to your EUR account, GBP to the GBP one and so on. All other transfers would be reverted back to your originating account within 10 days.

Hey there! So the rule is to always top up the account in the currency that your bank is in, if you don’t do this then the bank will convert the money for you and charge you a fee! Have you contacted us on support chat?


Yeah - that is fine about the currency exchange.

My problem is that the money has not reached my account yet, I am wondering whether over a week is a normal or if there might be any issues, as it is the first time I am getting a transfer from Spain to Revolut.


It should take about 3 working days for transfers to reach us, 4 if it’s from Greece. If you provide a transfer confirmation to the support team then we can certainly investigate this!

Hi @Bisila, I’ve just double checked all posts again. There might be a misunderstanding on my or on your side. Let’s try to sort this out:

Revolut offers local personal U.K. GBP accounts. These accounts accept third party incoming transfers. This is not an IBAN account. Account details are in the local UK format, account no. and sort code.

You wrote that you provided an IBAN/BIC. These IBAN accounts are not personal accounts. You can identify them easily. Whenever the app shows you a reference code and “Revolut” as the beneficiary, you can’t use them for third party transfers.


I see. This was not very clear on the app then, I am afraid.

Now, the money has been transferred, so neither the sender nor myself have it. Could you please locate it asap and send it to either my account or back to the sender?

I talked yesterday with someone on the in-app chat and they have escalated it to the banking team. But please let me know if there is anything you could also do.

Many thanks for your help.

Usually, not supported third party transfers bounce back. It takes a while, but the money should be transferred back to the sender. You can also check the FAQs to learn more about how all this works.

Thanks a lot for explaining.
Is there any chance that someone in the team might be able to speed this up by providing them with the sender’s details?


Hello, I made a transfer from my bank of Spain on Friday and it has not yet reached my Revolut account. is this normal? What’s up?

Sounds like your Spanish bank didn’t sent this as a SEPA instant payment. For regular SEPA payments, one full working day is normal. If you’ve sent the transfer late on Friday (after your bank‘s cutoff time), Tuesday would still be within the normal timeframe. Transfers sent after cutoff are like being sent on the next working day, which would be Monday. If you’ve sent it before cutoff, the funds should arrive Monday.