International Transfer - How long does it take?


So was just wondering is there a cut off time for international transfer for USD? I recently did $50 usd as a test in my hong kong USD account and it arrived within 1 day - payment was done at 1pm

I now did $58,000 USD to another account in HK however, the money is still not showing and I’m getting worried however this payment was done at 4pm, so maybe there is a cutoff time?

Hi there.

This generally depends on the Payer and Payee’s bank and whether the money is sent domestically or internationally via SEPA, SWIFT or BIC.

Transfers will usually take between 2-4 working days to reach the beneficiary’s bank account.


It’s a HSBC account in Hong Kong - last time it took just 1 day. It’s a SWIFT transfer international

Hi @Aman224,

funds over 10k are usually reviewed by the bank, so please allow some more time than usual. If it is still not showing up, please contact HSBC. It is not unusual that the bank needs to have a proof where the money is coming from ( since it is international) to prevent money laundering.

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