International Transfer - Hong Kong Dollars to British Pounds



I have some HKD in my Hong Kong HSBC account which I would like to convert to pounds. What is the best way to go about doing this? If I did an international transfer from my HK account to the Revolut account, would it be credited as HKD, and I’d use the app to exchange into pounds? Or will it be subjected to HSBC’s fees and exchange rate, and be credited directly as pounds? (In which case there isn’t a point of using revolut?)



It depends on you. If you send HKD into revolut HKD account (remember that this is pooled account and you have to provide your reference number) it will be credited in HKD. Revolut won’t take any fee from you, but your bank probably will.


My current Revolut account is UK registered. Does that mean I have to register for a HK account if I want to take advantage of Revolut’s exchange rate? I.e I can’t deposit HK dollars directly into the HK wallet of my UK Revolut account?


Look here: More> Profile> Account data > HKD.
There you have account number in HKD and your reference number.

Having revolut account you have 25 wallets :grin: