International transfer from Spain not received


Hi everybody! A week ago my brother made a transfer to my GBP account from his account in Spain.I gave him all the info that you can see on the IBAN tab but he forgot to add the code that is supposed to go in the reference.I haven’t then received any money but he hasn’t received it back either.I am wondering what has happened with that money…Could anyone help me please?


Hola @aia :slight_smile:

It probably went into the pooled account without being assigned.
You can speak to the :r:'s support team going to the More tab of the app, clicking Support and typing live agent when you’re greeted by RITA the robot :robot::smile:

Provide them with as many details a possible to identify the transaction.


Hi there!

Is it a EUR transfer or a GBP transfer?


Hi Andrea! thanks for replying to me. I’ve just checked with him and he told me he made a EUR transfer.


Aha, thanks for the info!


Ok thank you. Let’s get in touch via a direct message so that I can help you out.