International Transfer from Japan


Hi there,

I’m in the UK and would like to receive money transfer from my parents in Japan.
In this case, 1. do they need to create Revolut account, or 2. is it possible for them to use usual bank transfer to my Revolut GBP account at free of charge?
(I mean,
They create Revolut JPY account and top-up money there.

They transfer the JPY money from their Revolut account to my Revolut JPY account.

I can exchange the JPY to GBP in my accounts and spend it in the UK.
They transfer JPY through Japanese bank to my Revolut JPY account.

I can exchange the JPY to GBP between my accounts and spend it in the UK.)

I suppose that in the 2nd way, transfer fee may be charged by Japanese bank, but just to be clear, could anyone give me advice?

Sorry about a bit long question and thank you for reading so far.



Hey there @Satoshi :slight_smile:

I guess, might be wrong though, both ways will be the same, because your parents would also need to top up their accounts through a bank account in the UK, and that would make them inccur in the SWIFT + intermediary bank fee.

However, if they make a GBP top-up with a GBP card in Japan (in case they have a GBP account+card in Japan, for example), the card top-up would be free for them and they would also be able to transfer it free to you through :r: :smiley:

Long story short: bank transfer top-ups, if they’re not SEPA, they will probably cost you money you can’t anticipate :wink:


Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought Revolut isn’t available for non EEA residents (Japan).
This means option 1 will not work.


:r: is not available in Japan. I just took for granted they’re from the UK, but you’re right :smile: