International Transaction Fee


I’ve been charged for two ‘International Debit Card Transaction Fee’ and for two ‘International Debit Card Purchase Fee’ after I topped up my GBP Sterling Account by £500 and my Euro Account by £100. I thought these transactions were supposed to be free?


Ok, where was your card issued? (country)
Are you consumer or entrepreneur?


My assumption would be your bank charged you for foreign payments but without more details it is impossible to say something more concrete.


It would be strange. It would mean that bank will get a fee when you buy something on the internet (abroad) too…


Wouldnt surprise me and some banks do charge you when you pay in a foreign currency.


Thanks for all the replies. I am in UK and my card is issued in the UK. I used my UK bank account (Bank of Scotland). Haven’t been charged before. I purchased 100 Euros and I topped up my GPB account by £500. My previous top-ups did not get charged.


So the transaction in question was not one done via a Revolut account or using the Revolut card but is related to a top-up to your Revolut account?

If thats the case you’ll need to contact your bank for clarification, as it was them who charged you.


Thank you Alessandro.