International SWIFT transfer


I have made an international transfer from France to Côte d’Ivoire, but after 1 month the recipient says he has not received the money.

I have checked the status on TrackingMySwift, the response is “The payment went through JP Morgan Chase and we know if it was successful or not.”.

The recipient has also contacted his bank to understand what’s going on.

What can I do to have more information?

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Hello @Malick Welcome to the community. :wave:

If your beneficiary has not received your bank transfer, verify if the timeframe has been exceeded (To check the timeframes, tap here).

If it has not, sadly, there is nothing we can do to speed up the transfer. However, if it has been exceeded, confirm the transfer details with your beneficiary and provide them with the transfer confirmation (To check how to download it, tap here). If the transfer was returned to you but is not visible in your account, request a confirmation from the beneficiary’s bank and contact us.

Additionally, you can tap on the transfer to check its status in the transfer tracker.

Hope this helps. :smiley:

Veda | Community Team


Thanks for your answer.

The timeframe has been exceeded.

I have already sent the confirmation to the beneficiary and I have contacted his bank. The bank says that it is to them beneficiary to contact them.

I don’t know if the transfer was returned to me. What information should the beneficiary bank can give? When Revolut says the money has reached the beneficiary bank, is it a estimation because of the time spent since the transfer or they really have the information?

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