International routine code

a Client in USA tried to make me a transfer from his bank (wells Fargo) to my account REVOLUT in France. I sent him the $iban but he said he needs too the international routine code. Where can I find this IRC?

Which currency are we talking about?

USD? In this case you probably refer to the BIC which would be LOYDGB2L for USD.


Oui c’est en dollar. Mais quand il veut valider le virement on lui demande l’International Routing Code (IRC)… et il parait que vous n’en avez pas.

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And now in English :sunglasses:

In your Revolut app go to More / Profile / Account details / Add account and select GBP.
Wait until GBP is added to your account then under the LOCAL tab there is a Sort code.
Use the 6 digit Sort code as the IRC but just the numbers with no dashes!! I hope this helps.
Note: I did not tried it yet, but in theory this should work because the IRC supposed to be the 6 digit Sort code.

I need the IRC CODE FOR A TRAVSFER FROM my Husbend from USA in my USD Revolut acount and the ppl from chat could not help ! The bank is Wells Fargo too! Can you please help