International payment to Kraken not allowed?

I have made more than one transfer to Kraken exchange and now Revolut is saying the beneficiary isn’t allowed - anyone else having the same issue?

Might be related to this: … first they advertise as crypto-friendly and now, after we are their clients, they do this…

Just tried to send some fiat to Bitpanda and I am also getting this. Looks like Revolut are blocking all transfers to crypto related sites. If true bye bye Revolut and monthly £7 card fee.

Just advice to anyone using Revolut for crypto …look elsewhere for another way of transferring fiat and close your account.

No admins here so guess there will be no official answer.

Hi guys, yes I started a thread about this recently. Kraken and Bitpanda and other exchanges have stopped being supported since May 1.

The reason was “as an FCA regulated entity Revolut has to match compliance requirements which did force us to exclude some crypto exchange from our platform.”

The exchanges allowed are:

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Thanks again…So why they keep this a secret like we were never going to find out. Got half a dozen friends into this bank and all will leave. Once I transfer some funds out of Revolut App will be deleted and card stopped. I suggest everyone does the same as there is no benefit anymore. look for alternatives.

Yeah its a big disappointment. But if you have a Euro account, Revolut is still very useful because you can transfer from Euro account to Revolut to get the best exchange rate, and then transfer to your local currency account.

So I’m still using it and I use Fire for Euro account.

I know what you are saying but for them to not even announce this and then when customers question it they blame some ‘security’ reason. It’s total Bullshit. Any bank that starts lying to it’s customers does not deserve any money. Certainly not having any more of mine.

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