International online transactions

Hello everyone,

I’ve read a lot of the forums, none seem completely clear on this - when making an online transaction in usd (on a USA site) and the cards origin is the UK, with GBP loaded, is it best to leave the money in GBP and let The exchange happen by Revolut or, exchange the money into USD and then make the purchase, or, do none of these make a difference?

I ask because I’ve seen people incur a double exchange if it’s detected as a UK card and they try to pay in USD.

Any knowledge on this would be super useful, or if there is a thread I’ve missed, pointing me in that direction would be great too!


It does not make a difference if it’s during the week.

But you need to make sure the merchant is charging you in USD! This is something you might need to change on a merchant’s website. How this is done varies, of course, depending on the merchant. But you should be able to find this information, if necessary, if you google the merchant’s name + avoid DCC.

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