International Bank Transfer


Hi. My mum sent me money from her french account but forgot to put the reference that you provide in the app. Can you please manually allocate my top up to my card? I have contacted in app support but i have received no answer.


Are you aware that third party transfers from accounts not in your name are not possible (yet) with Revolut? Check FAQs for details. Your mum’s money should bounce back to her account in a couple of days.


what does that mean? I also forgot to put the reference they indicated in the app. Will that be an issue?


Hey @0x78

You probably didn’t know before but topping up via bank transfer is possible only if the account is in your name (until we recieve unique IBANs, they are coming soon). The best possible solution for you right now is that your mom should open a Revolut account on her name, and after that to send the bank transfer confirmation so u can get the top-up. After that you can use the transfer option which is instant, just to avoid additional costs and money reversal! :r:


Thank you! What will happen to the money that she has sent me?


It won’t happen anything if you do the suggested steps, other wise you will incur additional cost for money reversal!


Will the money be sent back to her account if I don’t do the suggested steps?


Unfortunately the money will be reversed if you require the money with that confirmation to be deposited on your own account!


At this point, it would be easier to have the money sent back to my mum’s account. How much will they charge?


You know the best but your mom can open account in 2 minues and she can transfer the money instantly. Revolut doesn’t charge for money reversal, but the bank is going to charge you for sure!


What are the steps to take once my mum’s downloaded revolut? I’m going to take your advice :slight_smile:


Once she creates the account, probably she would need to confirm her identity and then she needs to contact the in-app support with the bank confirmation to deposit the money on her account. After that she can transfer the moeny on your Revolut account for free!


That only works if this was a recent transfer. If Revolut can’t allocate an incoming payment, the money is automatically reversed to the sender. They might not be able to change that manually anymore. It is worth a try, though.

And @0x78, read the FAQs to get familiar with the product which is different in many ways to a traditional bank account to avoid further trouble like this :wink: