International bank transfer waiting on 7+ days


I have 2 international bank transfer that was made without reference code. I was told that the live agents can help me if i send them the confirmation. I have been sending them all the information as much as possible, MT103 form, calling the international banks to make sure the money has already been transacted. However none of the agent was able to help me allocate the money.
One was saying that the form I sent wasn’t MT103 whereas it clearly said on the form MT103. Another person said the sender put Swift info as well as my personal account info so the money is not received whereas the sender side bank made sure that the money has already been received on revolut side. The customer service agents are so unreliable, and I am waiting to receive the money that has already been debited on the other side long time ago. It is very ridiculous.



Yeah it could sometimes happen that you get support agents who doesn’t seem to be knowing what they do because they are just a few days working for revolut (you can check this by tapping on thier name in the support chat). Also you could try to write them on twitter.

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It is very frustrating because the money has already been debited and received, they cannot be recalled from the sender side (USA). But Revolut is not allocating them to my account…